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Cool pools: Use less energy and enjoy your pool more.


Cool pools: Use less energy and enjoy your pool more.

by Joy Perrino Choquette, The Environmental Magazine, June 09

Along with providing a refreshing place to unwind, traditional pools offer homeowners something less desirable: a hefty electricity bill. Because the water needs to be pumped, filtered and kept warm, swimming pools use a lot of energy. Installing the right-size pump, circulating the water, reducing water and heat loss, and heating the pool more efficiently are among the top ways homeowners can save the most money and energy.

Alex Barloewen, a homeowner in Los Angeles, California, couldn't be happier his ecofriendly pool equipment. When remodeling his 28-year-old pool, he installed solar collectors, changed to a variable speed pump and switched to a saltwater system, which generates its own chlorine. "Utility costs are about half. I was spending probably $100 a month for just the pool and now it's down around $50," says Barloewen.
In addition to being a money-saver, saltwater pools contain lower levels of chlorine than traditional pools and are free of the many potentially irritating additives and byproducts present in most chlorine mixtures. He's also experienced warmer water in the past year than he's ever had. "We finished work in May and swam from then until October in 85-degree water, all heated by solar," says Barloewen.

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